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Nov. 29th, 2007 @ 07:31 am (no subject)
I can't believe I'm no longer a teenager.  I remember when I first said I can't believe that I am a teenager, like 7 years ago.  Life passes really quick, that's for sure.  But yeah, I'm excited though.. it should be a good day.  I had to wake up early and write a paper that I have to turn in today.. then I have to go sit in Biology and Critical Thinking for three hours, but after that I don't have to work and we're going to party.  Tim is over and Dave and Noel don't have to work.  Roxanne does but shes going to try to get off early.  She's making us all jello shots and brownies for my bday.  I was going to have to work today, but I switched with this girl and now I have off.  I'm so excited.  My twenties.
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