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Nov. 29th, 2007 @ 07:31 am (no subject)
I can't believe I'm no longer a teenager.  I remember when I first said I can't believe that I am a teenager, like 7 years ago.  Life passes really quick, that's for sure.  But yeah, I'm excited though.. it should be a good day.  I had to wake up early and write a paper that I have to turn in today.. then I have to go sit in Biology and Critical Thinking for three hours, but after that I don't have to work and we're going to party.  Tim is over and Dave and Noel don't have to work.  Roxanne does but shes going to try to get off early.  She's making us all jello shots and brownies for my bday.  I was going to have to work today, but I switched with this girl and now I have off.  I'm so excited.  My twenties.
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Nov. 22nd, 2007 @ 02:11 am (no subject)
We just happened to be at a certain bar tonight when it turned out the band playing there was covering all of Abbey Road.  I about freaked out.  It was awesome too, they done really good.  I'm so glad its Thanksgiving break, I had a bunch of shit due in those days right before break.  And I just started a new job at Sal's so its nice to relax a bit.  School is going well though, I'm really good at psychology apparently.  That's pretty sweet cuz I've always liked it. 
It's like two in the morning and I'm waiting for dave and roxanne to get home.   I'm hungry as shit.  I'm going to the kitchen.
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Oct. 11th, 2007 @ 03:36 pm (no subject)
Today I made pancakes and that was awesome.  It's been a while since I made pancakes and its something I would do with Granny a whole lot so I really like it.  Fall break is nice... I'm about to be spending it doing a lot of stuff but its been nice just relaxing these past few days.  Tomorrow I'm going to Southpoint to see Across the Universe again with Dave and Roxanne then later up to Chapel Hill to hang out with Vince and then on Saturday I should be seeing Katie in Chapel Hill too.  On Sunday I think I'm seeing Jessica and definitely getting some work done because its the last day of my break.  Then school starts but I'm going to the State Fair with everybody here on Monday so that'll be a nice end to fall break and making the monday not suck.  Then it'll be time to dive back into that whole school thing again.  I'm excited about this weekend even though Fall break will be over.  At least it feels kind of like fall now..
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Oct. 9th, 2007 @ 03:10 pm (no subject)
    Well I got back yesterday from 3 days in D.C. visiting my sister and it was really awesome.  We did all sorts of things in the time we had and I feel like we got a load accomplished.  I'm not going to describe it all because you can just look at my 6 facebook albums of pictures and the captions will tell the tale hopefully.  I'm really glad I got a chance to go up there and me and Davida could spend some time together.
    Now its Tuesday and I don't have to go to school for 7 days.  Score.  I'm starting to get some things lined up to do and along with some relaxing it will be real nice.  I'm very excited. 
    Across the Universe is my new favorite movie.  I love everything about it.  You have got to see it immediately.
    Well its time to go play some halo 3 fall break style.
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Oct. 5th, 2007 @ 04:08 pm (no subject)
I'm about to leave and head toward D.C. to visit my sister.
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Oct. 4th, 2007 @ 01:49 pm (no subject)
One more day of school and it'll be fall break.  I really can't wait.  I got my financial aid check yesterday with leftover monies so thats good.  I'll have funds for a while.  I might go visit Davida in D.C. at some point over break because that would just be awesome.  She could show me around in the way only she can.  I think I might go this weekend if I can because Dave and Roxanne left for the beach today.  It's their two year anniversary and they are going to stay for like 5 days I believe.  That's pretty cool for them but now I need to find something to do. 
This past week has been all about studying.  Biology test number 2 was today, but Roxanne had to take it early.. yesterday.  So on Tuesday night I studied for like 5 hours with her until she felt prepared.  Then last night I studied for like 5-6 with Noel because we both had it today.  So I don't think I've ever been so prepared for a test.  I definitely made an A and that is a really good feeling to have.  I haven't made anything less than an A on a test so far in college and that makes me very happy.  I'm glad to know that I'm capable just because I didn't apply myself in high school.  I haven't felt as smart as I do now since before I came to Early College and its cool connecting back with that feeling of being gifted that ecg makes you forget about real quick.  Oh and Roxanne and Noel did really well too, so I feel great about helping them.  I bet though both made A's too.
Oh I went to a wedding.  Tim's grandmother, Thom's mom got married to Keith Peddie.  Who is Amy Peddie's Dad for anyone that knows her.  Small world huh.  Well it was a good wedding, nice and short since they had both had big flashy weddings in their past and this was a get it done kinda thing.  I met this really awesome old couple at the wedding.  The man had worked with Grandmothers husband Thom Einstein II, at the News and Record.  You see, Thom (Thom's dad), was a sports writer for the greensboro news and record most famously covering racing.  And this man that I met hired Thom and worked with him for many years.  It's so cool the history that lives in people.  Like I learned so much about Thom's job from listening to that man talk about it.  It's not even that I know so much more its just the color that he added to it through talking about it.  Like my memory of Thom, something that I didn't think would change very much for obvious reasons has been like added to and its just awesome.  Like with things that I hadn't heard a million times before.  Oh and the woman had gone to Appalachian when she was young like 50 years ago or something.  She said at orientation they said for the students to not go around hugging each other.  I thought that was hilarious.  She told me about where I'd be going to hang out and stuff where people couldn't find you too.  She was so cool.  So between the two of them I had myself thinking I need to start up more random conversations with people I don't know because they could know something that I'd like to.
So yeah aside from learning that people know things I don't, the wedding reception was pretty uneventful.  Then we all went out to eat with Keith's family and that was good.  The night before me Tim and David (Tim's cousin who lives in OK) went to Tim's dorm at UNCG and hung out.  It was the first time I drank with David Einstein and so that was pretty weird.  But still pretty cool.  I got pretty drunk and did things I don't remember which is not a usual one for me.  But nothing that had lasting consequences so it was all in all good.  Haha David however pissed some girl off and like talked to her all the next day but said she thought he was a jerk.  I don't even know.
It was good seeing Tim some more, its been a while since we've had much time to hang out.  We got some good talking time in and watched a lot Weeds on DVD which is a great show. 
So today I've got to do a little studying for my stat test tomorrow and write a paper for critical thinking, but mainly I'll be basking in the glory of the fact that the biology test is over and fall break is in one day.  Oh and I'll take breaks from basking to play halo.
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Sep. 1st, 2007 @ 11:10 am (no subject)
WOOO three day weekend.  I'm excited about sitting on my ass for a few days.
I got to meet Davida's boyfriend, Nyle, yesterday.  She met him in India this summer, and he's from Ireland.  He came to visit and has been here for like a week.  Him and Davida have been going all over the state having fun.  Yesterday they were on their way to Chapel Hill coming back from the mountains so they stopped in Burlington and had lunch with me at Hursey's BBQ.  The BBQ was delicious and Nyle was amazing.  I had such a good feeling about him as soon as I met him.  He's just so warm and friendly and nice and polite.  I explained the lame duck amendment to him.  That was cool.  Thanks Guy.
So yeah, my sister leaves for DC today.  Unless I go visit her, which I probably will have to do, I won't see her until Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Then in a few days mom is going to Arizona.  For the first time in my life I won't have my mom or my sister in the same state as me.  That's a bit scary, but I'm sure it'll be fine.  As me and my mom were getting rid of things and putting stuff in storage we kept saying its the end of an era.  It sure the hell is. 
I'm a guy who initially doesn't like change at all, but it doesn't really take long for me to adjust to it.  And all I know is that recently my life has had the most change that it ever has.  We'll see how this all goes.
And damnit, comment on my shit guys.
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Aug. 31st, 2007 @ 01:02 pm woo
What else is new.  Oh yeah, we put that entertainment center and chair in the basement and its pretty awesome down there now.  It's where I sleep, and although its a bit warm sometime, itll start cooling down soon and itll be awesome.  I sleep on an old futon, but it sleeps surprisingly well.  Its funny having so many things from my moms cuz it feels like I'm right at home. 
I got a speeding ticket a couple weeks ago.  That sucked... I was going 89 in a 65. (on I40)  oops.
I'm really excited about the future, about school, and moving to Boone, and just seeing where my life takes me.  Hopefully it'll be an entertaining ride.
Last weekend I went to Chapel Hill to party with Vince, and we ended up inviting over Kenny, and even Victor showed up from Duke.  It was great seeing all of them again, especially Kenny, who I haven't seen the longest.  They are all terrific friends.
I spend most of my days doing a varying combination of school, homework, reading, guitar hero, partying, and helping my mom with stuff from time to time.. though she'll be gone pretty soon.  So weird.
Noel's 18th birthday is this tuesday.  We're having the party on Sunday night though since no one has anything to do on Monday.  WOO BTW 3 DAY WEEKEND BITCHES.  So I'm really looking forward to that.  Birthday parties are always a good time over here.  Speaking of them, I can't believe in 2 days less than 3 months I will be 20 years old.  No longer a teenager.  WEIRD.
But right now I'm 19 and a teenager and its friday, the weekend has begun.  And its three days long after today.  Life is good.
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Aug. 31st, 2007 @ 08:15 am lil update
I'd really like to start updating a little bit more than I do now, which is none.  So here goes.

Life is pretty good.  I think I might have had the most amazing summer of my life.  I've been waiting for the one that would beat '04 and I think at least it has competition now.  But the summer is over now and things are shaping up to be the best semester of school I've had in a long time.  It's such a relief to not be in high school anymore, cuz really.. that shit was getting old.  I'm taking Statistics, English, Psychology, Biology, and Critical Thinking at ACC.  Roxanne and/or Noel are in most of my classes which just makes the whole thing that much better.  They are some of my closest friends, people that I know will be in my life for years and years.
I suppose one of the best things is that I go in at 9-something and get done at 12-something everyday.  (Cept tues, fucking 3 hour lab)  Also the fact that people don't act like immature idiots all the time.  Some of the time yes, but not all of it.  I like the things that I'm learning, and I'm determined to do as well as I can.
So how about this... My mom is moving to Arizona.  As you may or may not know, she is doing the whole traveling nurse thing but so far all of her assignments have been in-state.  Now she doesn't have anything to stop her from trying out somewhere else for a while, which is awesome cuz she really wants to travel.  So yeah, for like 10 weeks starting next week sometime my mom is going to be in Phoenix, AZ.  That'll be entirely weird.  The past week I've been helping move my mom's stuff from the apartment in Chapel Hill into storage.  Me and Dave went up there last weekend to help and came back with my mom's entertainment center, big chair we've had for like 10 years, and my old bed that I won't really need for a long time.  I gave my bed to Dave and Roxanne since it would've just gone into storage.  I'm glad because they were in desperate need of a comfortable bed.  So yeah, in a few days that apartment will be history, which is weird because I've grown pretty attached to it.  I went from living there alone to having my mom move in to pack my neck hole.  To finally graduating high school and leaving, to coming back occasionally when I was in town.  I dunno, there have been a lot of different stages between me and that apartment and I'll miss it.
Well I had better leave for school cuz I wanna stop and get a biscuit on the way.  Mmm.
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Aug. 7th, 2007 @ 10:39 am (no subject)
Oops, I haven't posted in months... Dang.
    Well summer has flown by ridiculously fast.  That kind of upsets me but not too much just because I'm excited about the future.  On the fifteenth I start classes at Alamance Community College.  Hopefully I'll be in some of the same classes as Roxanne and Noel who also go there.  After a semester of living in Burlington and going to ACC, I'll be going to ASU in January.  I still have no idea what I'm gonna major in or have any idea what field I would even like but I'll figure it out as I go along.  Man, the fifteenth is in 8 days.
    On Friday, me and Tim are going to go see Mae.  We are really excited about that because we saw them a couple years ago when they were touring for their last album and it was amazing.  Now they've got another one coming out and its gonna be sweet.  Then the next day, Saturday, Tim, Curt, Lynne, David, Roxanne, Justin, Noel, and I are all going to see the Allman Brothers Band concert.  So I've got an exciting weekend lined up.  I can't wait. 
    So this summer has been one of the best in a while.  It had a little bit of everything.  And the last month has been really special.  I'm excited about the future but I sure will miss the past.  I'm always like that though, so oh well.  I'm gonna try to post more often.
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