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Jun. 27th, 2007 @ 02:20 pm (no subject)
  It's been a while since I've updated.. where to start.
I live in Burlington now.  I graduated high school on the ninth of June and then the next day I moved over here to live with my cousin and look for a job.  I'm on the waiting list for the fall at App but in for the spring either way.  I'll find out if I can go in the fall anytime now and if I can't then I'll go to Alamance Community College for a semester and keep living here until the spring semester.  Either way, It'll be good... I'm really excited about the future.
I got a job at Bejamin's Seafood Room here in Burlington.  I'm a Valet.
Let me tell you about the restaurant.  Seven years ago, this guy Benjamin Christopher Russell opened up "B. Christopher's (Eclectic Southern Dining)" followed shortly by another one in Chapel Hill.  About six months ago, he opened up "B's Bistro" right next to B. Christopher's in Burlington.  It was more lunch and French orientated.  Now, he is opening Benjamin's Seafood Room right next to the Bistro and with the addition of the third restaurant, they will add valet parking for all three of them.  My cousin, David, worked in B. Christophers and then the Bistro when it opened.  Now he'll be Valeting with me too.  I'm really excited about it and I think I'll make good money on the tips.
So that's that.  Hmm.. It's weird not being in High School anymore.  I keep thinking about the last like two weeks of school and then graduation.  It was all surreal and I can't believe its all in the past.  I remember the last day of regular classes when everybody was yelling and screaming when school was over and driving wildly out of the parking lot and I was sitting there waiting for my friend and it was just crazy to think it'd be the last time we were all leaving school like that.  Things like that just get me.  Then I think about graduation day and I'm just like damn, I was there, and so was everyone else, and we all graduated... And now it's done.  I don't know, it's hard to explain how I feel about it.  It's also a really good feeling too.  Even though I'll miss so many things, it's an amazing free feeling to not be tied down to any one place.  It's one of those beginning of the rest of my life feelings, and I definitely like it.
I feel bad for my mom, she's living all alone now, and until yesterday I hadn't seen her since the day after I graduated.  She says she's doing alright though.  We ate some Quizo's.  That Baja chicken sub thing was amazing. 
I'm still training for the job, the restaurant doesn't even actually open until next friday, the 6th I think.  They've been bringing in everyone that'll be doing anything at the restaurant and training us for like a week now.  It's been pretty cool, I've met a lot of good people there.  I think it'll be really awesome working there, I can't wait til we open.
But Dave's home and we have to go play some guitar hero.
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Apr. 17th, 2007 @ 12:25 am (no subject)
Current Music: The Beatles - The Revolver Album
So Prom was really cool.  Though I didn't know most of the people there anymore... I definitely had a great time.  We ate at the Chop House and me and Paige talked about memories from Alamance Elementary where we both went but didn't know each other at.  Prom was sweet too and they had a big screen which was neat.  I had to request Bohemian Rhapsody though because they weren't playing it.  When I told them too they were like "oh yeah, bohemian rhapsody!  we can play that."  as if they had never thought of it.  How do you never think about being a DJ for dances?  weird.  Well they played it and it was awesome.  That was my prom happy.
Then after prom was really cool.  We went to the hotel room thing that Paige's mom rented which was just amazing.  A lot of people left early but it was cool because Paige, Angela, and I stayed up just talking for a long time and I thought that was cool.  They are both really fun and interesting people and we talked about all sorts of things.  So yeah the whole prom experience rocked.  Thanks again Paige for inviting me.

Today at school we went on a field trip to a vegetable farm somewhere in orange county which was cool.  I'm becoming better friends with a lot of people in that class and its cool.  Then I had to leave early to go to the dentist, so the only class I went to was Precal.  So that was alright.  They said I have enough room for my wisdom teeth.  Both the Dentist and his son who was also a Dentist were amazed with my mouth because I'm apparently 1 in 5000 my age.  Sweet.  The bad thing is that the bottom two wisdom teeth have small cavities that I'll have to get fixed.  But I don't have to get them taken out and then I'll just start brushing them better.  I mean they were new teeth that I wasn't used to that were further back than any had been before.  So they understood, which was cool.

I hung out with Katie and Stephanie and Patrick after the Dentist which was cool but I shouldn't have because I had a paper due at 12 tonight.  But I'm glad I did because it all worked out.  You see, I wrote my thesis for the paper before spring break and haven't even opened Hamlet in like 2 weeks, which is what it was on.  Then at 9:45 tonight I find my thesis and start my paper knowing it was due at midnight.  I end up finishing at 11:58 and submitting it online.  It was probably the best moment of my life.  Especially since I think it was a really good paper which I'll actually be surprised if it's not an A.  And if you know me at all you know I never ever speak so highly of my own work.  That's how serious I am about it.

It's been a really good few days for me.  Unfortunately the country has experienced one of its most terrible tragedies in a long time today, which has been getting me depressed.  It makes me so mad and sad and I don't even know what to think about it right now.  But despite that, my life has been good and the end of high school doesn't seem so far away.
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Apr. 9th, 2007 @ 09:07 am spring break 07
So this is my last day of spring break.  It's been pretty sweet.  It started last saturday when I got a haircut, new shoes, an oil change, and cleaned the hell out of my car.  That was really nice.  Then on sunday I went to greensboro to hang out with Tim for a few days before he left on wednesday for the beach.  That was fun, we played basketball at least once a day at the nearby court.  Those are some of the best times I have with tim, playing ball.. especially just him and me on that court.
We also played some College Hoops 2K7... freshly bought from EB games.  That was pretty awesome and we had a lot of fun with it.  Besides that I didn't do too much, chilled with thom, went out to eat with grandmother and her boyfriend haha.  and yeah gboro was fun.
When Tim left on wednesday I went over to dave's in burlington and just chilled there until friday when I came home to chapel hill.  I went over to Vinces dorm to hang out with him and meet his gf Dana, who btw is the SHIT.  I really like her a lot and hope that this turns into a long healthy relationship.  We went to franklin to get ice cream and thats about it.  Then later that night I went to see Sean Lennon at the cat's cradle.  He was also the SHIT.  His vocals were perfect, not like the only other time I heard him live on some late night show when he seemed scared shitless.  But he was really funny, saying all kinds of shit and he played every song off the new album along with one new one and one from his first album.  I recorded a bit with my phone but as always, it sounds like shit.
Saturday I woke up and went back to burlington to enjoy the last few days of spring break.  (David is my cousin, Roxanne is his girlfriend, Noel is Roxanne's cousin.)  Noel came over and we played a bunch of Wii Sports and Super Mario World together.  That was a lot of fun.  The next day everybody went over to Roxanne's for their big family easter thing.  It was cool being a part of that because I think their family's awesome.  For the rest of Sunday everybody came back here to Curts (my uncle's.. where my cousin lives too)  and partied for the rest of Easter.  I got pretty intoxicated I must say.  The night involved basketball, throwing some football, some more Wii Sports, ordering a pizza, dart-throwing, basically all the usual. 
Now its Monday morning, got a bit of a hangover but not really.  Im hungry and I have to go home later today because I have to go back to the real world tomorrow.  For nine more weeks of school until I'm finally done.
I want the end of high school to come right now.
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Feb. 21st, 2007 @ 07:55 am I can't believe it
So I didn't think I'd get into any college since I was denied from UNCG.


I got into the spring 08 semester of Appalachian State!
I'm on the waiting list for this fall, but either way im in for the spring...

And what's better, they told Tim the same thing..
So we're both gonna go to community college for a semester then go to App together, and room.

Best news ever.

I spent hours looking at pictures of app last night.
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Feb. 7th, 2007 @ 09:35 am im posting
It's been a while LJ.  The other day I was looking through my old posts and I think it's so crazy how different I was a couple years ago.. and then how I can trace how I changed, through lj entries, all the way to the present day.  I really like that, and it made me want to update at least semi-regularly.  I was also looking at how awesome me and tim used to be in our comments to each other.  I wish he still updated, I'll try and convince him to start.  And we can have some more awesome comments.

Okay so I am so sick of high school, and am really excited about the fact that its almost over.  Though it feels like it'll be forever.. and I know I'll miss it when its gone, but right now I want to be over so I can really feel like I'm moving forward in life.  It'll be nice.  Dave, Roxanne, and I came up with this awesome plan of us all moving out next school year and splitting an apartment in burlington.  There are some apartments right around from where curt lives that are like 450 a month.  It'd be awesome living close to my uncle but with dave and roxanne.. and especially with 450 split 3 ways.  Roxanne goes to Alamance Community College, which is where I'd be going to if we do this.  I'm still gonna apply at western and maybe somewhere else but I'll probably end up at ACC.

So the thought of that is exciting.  Also this summer, even though I haven't talked to them about it.. I'm thinking I'll try the whole living in greensboro again.  Last summer I never got a job and ended up going to my moms at the beach, but this year I'm gonna work harder to get a job working near fulltime to save up money.  And of course it'll be cool hanging out with everybody cuz they'll be home.

I have the worst senioritis.  The kind where you're a junior for two years and are in your fifth year of high school, and the kind where you're out of school for a month because of illness and got used to not going yet now have to go for four more months.  Oh and I was a slacker to begin with.  I just wanna be done.

I found a new band that I love, The View.  They rock.

Oh, my mom not leaving ever.  Yeah, she's there to stay again.  Oh well, it's not like she could really help it and having my own apartment was good while it lasted.  There will be plenty of time for indepedence after this year.  I should enjoy living with my mom cuz hopefully itll be the last time I ever will.

Well I think that's about it. 
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Jan. 3rd, 2007 @ 07:43 pm My illness
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Dec. 10th, 2006 @ 09:32 am year in review
I stole paige's "year in review" thing

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2006 .
Post the first line/sentence of it in your journal, and that's your
year in review.
January- 1. Who was the first person u talked to in 06? tim/the entire room at paiges
February- Recently when I was sitting somewhere, I just started to think
March- One of the best feelings in the world is when you've been playing any sort of instrument so long late at night...
April- btw idk why i wrote my response in all caps
May- So this weekend has been a lot of fun.
June- The following is a compilation of pieces from a conversation I had with JT...
July- I just spent almost two weeks in burlington with curt and dave,
August- I've decided that I'm going to grow up now.
September- So I'm sitting in the parking lot of a coffee shop checking my mail
October- I'm sick. But I have a free period now second period.
November- Check out this iPod toilet paper dispenser )
December- I just wanted to say that I love my icon and that it will be a cold day in hell when I ever change it again.
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Dec. 7th, 2006 @ 11:12 am (no subject)

I just wanted to say that I love my icon and that it will be a cold day in hell when I ever change it again.

We had a delayed opening today which was cool.  I got here 10 minutes late still with a biscuit and a large tea and Mr. Ponder's just like "come on in!" all happily.  So that was awesome.

This week in school has been really good.  I've been killing all sorts of math tests which is cool, and in In Our Backyard we're preparing for our midterm mock trial.  I'm the center character of the whole thing, Tom Evans.. who shot a little a girl but it was an accident.  The prosecution is arguing second degree murder and the defense is for involuntary manslaughter.  So we, as the defense, have been meeting everyday in a seperate classroom at a long table discussing how we're gonna win the case.  It's been awesome and I think this is one of the coolest things I've done in school.  I'm really lucky to be Tom Evans and its a huge part and I don't wanna disapoint Brogden since he always talks about how I have so much untapped potential and I'm such an up and down kind of student.  He loves this trial and he trusted me with the part of Tom Evans, so I'm gonna do my best.  I can't wait.

I'm kind of sad Mrs. Davis will be leaving.  She's pregnant and won't be back after christmas break.  She says she'll be back by 4th quarter though.  She's a really good teacher but I don't think most of the other students in Music Appreciation like her as much as I do.  I love how I can make all sorts of references to things, music or not, and while the students don't always get it, she does.  That's why she's cool.

English class has always been awesome.  I love our side of the room, everybody just laughs at the craziest things but we all get it and its awesome.  And Mr. Gerdes is a great teacher.  I loved his unit on post-modernism and existentialism... it was sweet.  He's in love with the band, Wilco, and he let me have a burned cd of theirs.  Sweet.

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Nov. 30th, 2006 @ 12:33 am stuff is good
Birthday's don't get much better than this.  November 29th 1987 is also Wayne Ellington's birthday.  And as we all know, that's UNC's new shooter freshman.  For the Ohio State game Ellington said he was going to score 19 points for his birthday.  And so I was like SWEET he's gonna get 19 for OUR birthday!  He had only 2 points in the first half so I gave up on that idea... but wouldn't you know it, he came out and scored 17 points in the second.  I love him so much.  Oh, and CAROLINA BEAT NUMBER ONE OHIO STATE.  That is the best birthday gift I could've gotten right there.

Oh and the gifts Katie gave me today, like a beanie baby puppie that looks like the one we played with in greensboro, an equality bumper sticker, a new key chain flashlight thing, the harry potter soundtracks for the first three movies because that's just how I roll, and new headphones for my ipod.  Wow thanks Katie, you pretty much rock.  Oh and she came over after work again and we watched 101 Dalmatians.  During that I was recording the UNC game and after she left I watched that... so basically my night was just great.

I'm 19 and that's crazy, but I think it's gonna be a good year and pretty soon I won't even be a teenager any more.  So let's make the best of it!  Oh and my English teacher has inspired me to start writing more.  I'm excited.. about everything.
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Nov. 19th, 2006 @ 04:01 pm (no subject)
Current Music: nananananana
One of my fingernail's is blue,

And that's okay.
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