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Aug. 31st, 2007 @ 01:02 pm woo
What else is new.  Oh yeah, we put that entertainment center and chair in the basement and its pretty awesome down there now.  It's where I sleep, and although its a bit warm sometime, itll start cooling down soon and itll be awesome.  I sleep on an old futon, but it sleeps surprisingly well.  Its funny having so many things from my moms cuz it feels like I'm right at home. 
I got a speeding ticket a couple weeks ago.  That sucked... I was going 89 in a 65. (on I40)  oops.
I'm really excited about the future, about school, and moving to Boone, and just seeing where my life takes me.  Hopefully it'll be an entertaining ride.
Last weekend I went to Chapel Hill to party with Vince, and we ended up inviting over Kenny, and even Victor showed up from Duke.  It was great seeing all of them again, especially Kenny, who I haven't seen the longest.  They are all terrific friends.
I spend most of my days doing a varying combination of school, homework, reading, guitar hero, partying, and helping my mom with stuff from time to time.. though she'll be gone pretty soon.  So weird.
Noel's 18th birthday is this tuesday.  We're having the party on Sunday night though since no one has anything to do on Monday.  WOO BTW 3 DAY WEEKEND BITCHES.  So I'm really looking forward to that.  Birthday parties are always a good time over here.  Speaking of them, I can't believe in 2 days less than 3 months I will be 20 years old.  No longer a teenager.  WEIRD.
But right now I'm 19 and a teenager and its friday, the weekend has begun.  And its three days long after today.  Life is good.
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Date:September 1st, 2007 05:21 pm (UTC)
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birthday parties are awesome. and yeah, it's going to be really weird being 20. it's going to be so excruciating, though, just having a year left until you're 21.

oh and i'm def coming to app sometime this year. i'll try to make it next semester so i can have a super awesome time with you. :D